Sheet Metal Fabrication service

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The main arm of our business is our custom sheet metal fabrication service. As sheet metal fabricators, it's our core philosophy is to provide our customers with a quality, cost-effective product delivered on time, coupled with that all-important high level of friendly, professional service.

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Precision engineering Sheet Metal Fabrication
Powder Coating service

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an efficient, cost-effective method of applying coatings to metal components using a free-flowing dry powder in a wide range of colours and finishes.

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Precision engineering Powder Coating
Iridite NCP Treatment service

Iridite NCP Treatment

Iridite NCP is a method of protecting aluminium from corrosion, and is also an ideal substrate for paints and powder coating, providing a clean, inert surface that exhibits excellent adhesion properties.

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Precision engineering Iridite NCP Treatment
Wet Painting service

Wet Painting

Our wet paint coating centre is a dedicated enclosed air-filtered spray room, enabling us to apply a wide range of wet coatings to very high standards.

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Precision engineering Wet Painting
Screen Printing service

Screen Printing

A purpose-built print studio enables us to put the finishing touches to customers’ products. We also offer an artwork design and production service.

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Precision engineering Screen Printing
Electro-Mechanical Assembly service

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

For those wishing to reduce their in-house costs, we offer a full assembly service. Using our innovative ideas, we are often able to reduce assembly costs and build times.

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Precision engineering Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Capacity service


Our capacity is constantly evolving as we rise to meet the challenges placed upon us by an ever-demanding customer base.

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Precision engineering Capacity