Powder Coating services UK

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an efficient, cost-effective method of applying coatings to metal components using a free-flowing dry powder in a wide range of colours and finishes.

P.E.P Powder Coating Pre-treatment


Preparation of components is a vital operation to the success of creating a tough, hard finish, and is something we take seriously.

We have a 3-stage iron phosphate submersion pre-treatment process conforming to Def Stan 03-11 Class 1, which ensures a consistent repeatable de-greasing of all surfaces to achieve a quality finish and superior adhesion. The treatment also acts as a rust inhibitor.

P.E.P Powder Coating Application


We statically charge the particles of powder, which are released through a corona gun to the grounded work piece to be coated. With the skill of our operators and the fine controls of our powder system, we are able to apply a repeatable uniform film thickness coupled with consistent gloss levels. We routinely undertake scratch-testing and gloss level checks.

P.E.P Powder Coating Curing


Our continuous conveyor and gas-fired tunnel oven enables us to heat the components to 200°C (390°F), enabling the powder to melt and flow onto the structure of the part, creating a film coating on the surface.

We have incorporated a large box oven enabling us to coat large fabrications up to 2m3.

P.E.P Powder Coating Paint-stripping station

Paint-stripping station

We operate a highly effective paint-stripping facility. This is a submersion process into a stripping compound for ferrous metals and alloys. The compound is engineered not to attack or damage the base materials or previously applied treatments such as Alocrom or NCP.

P.E.P Powder Coating Sand-blasting


We also offer a sand-blasting option in-house.

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