Iridite NCP Treatment services UK

Iridite NCP Treatment

Iridite NCP is a method of protecting aluminium from corrosion, and is also an ideal substrate for paints and powder coating, providing a clean, inert surface that exhibits excellent adhesion properties.

P.E.P Iridite NCP Treatment Process


The application method is a 7-stage fluid submersion process, as per the following:

  • De-grease
  • Water-rinse
  • Oxidite – removal of any oxidisation already on the components
  • Water-rinse
  • Water-rinse
  • Iridite NCP
  • Heated purified water-rinse
P.E.P Iridite NCP Treatment Key benefits

Key benefits

  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • Corrosion resistance up to 1,000hrs
  • Excellent adhesion for paints, sealants and adhesives
  • Electrical low resistance for excellent grounding
  • Meets military specification MIL-C5541 Class III
  • Conforms to Defence Standard 03-38
  • Temperature-resistant up to 350°C (660°F)
  • Provides better salt spray resistance and superior conductivity than Alocrom
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