P.E.P Capacity UK


Our capacity is constantly evolving as we rise to meet the challenges placed upon us by an ever-demanding customer base.


Solidworks 3D CAD

  • Intuitive 3D CAD solution to maximize our productivity and helps us to value engineer parts more efficiently


Amada GPN 630 Shear

  • Maximum cut length 3050 mm
  • Maximum material thickness 6.35 mm mild steel
  • CNC controller

Amada Corner Notcher CS-220 

  • Maximum material thickness 2mm
  • Maximum notch 200mm

Turret Punch Press

Amada Acute AC-255NT

  • 22 Ton CNC Turret Punch Press
  • High performance servo drive turret punch press
  • High-quality part production
  • Faster punching speeds than standard hydraulic punch press
  • 51 Punch Stations (4 auto-index stations)

Amada Aries 245

  • 20 Ton CNC Turret Punch Press
  • 18 Punch Stations (2 auto-index stations)

Manual Punch Press

Strippit Sonic 18/30

  • 30 Ton Manual Punch Press


Timesaver Grindmaster 42 Series

  • 900 mm wide working width
  • 1 Abrasive belt and 1 surface conditioning disc head
  • Vacuum bed for small components
  • Carter super silenced dust extraction
  • Facility to deburr Zintec material

Sharmic Trimatic 140 Vibratory Finishing

  • Mass deburring finishing process


  • Tube deburring
  • Maximum 90 mm
  • Lengths 100 mm upwards


  • Sheet metal plate and profile deburrer
  • Maximum thickness 6mm
  • Width 100 up to 1000 mm
  • Length 100 up to 1000 mm

Weld Dressing

  • Various manual electrical and air surface grinding and conditioning tools


Amada ITS 80/25 Press Brake

  • 80 Ton CNC press brake
  • Maximum 2500 mm length
  • Click to download PDF

2 x Amada FaB 35 D Press Brake

  • 35 Ton CNC press brake
  • Maximum 1250 mm length


SIP Professional Spot Welder PL45 9192

  • 15KVA

Interlas Syncrotig 275P

  • 275 amp TIG welder

Millier Syncrowave 250

  • 250 amp TIG welder
  • CC AC/DC welding power source
  • Butters ISO MIG 400
  • 400 amp MIG welder with pro-wire feed

Butters Merlyn 200

  • 200 amp MIG welder wire feed

Lorch Saprom 3 Mobile

  • 320 amp MIG-MAG twin pulse tiptronic welder

Fastener Installation

PEM Serter Series 4

  • M2 up to M10 Fixings
  • 457 mm throat depth
  • 400 to 12000 lbs Ram Force

Hartridge Sertabush 500

  • Hydraulic Insertion press
  • 500 mm Throat Depth
  • 7 Tons Ram Pressure

Hole Drilling/Countersink/Tapping/Machining

Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine

(3) Pillar Drills


BEWO CPO 250 series Circular Saw

  • Maximum 70mm x 70mm Square
  • 2 Speeds
  • Mitre sawing facility

Powder Coating

  • 2 x Manual powder spray guns
  • Double elliptical dry extraction cabin ensures a balanced air movement for excellent powder deposition
  • Conveyor gas fired drying tunnel
  • Incorporated box oven for bulky items

Wet Painting

  • Purpose built clean room
  • Water curtain booth
  • 2 x HVLP gravity feed spray guns
  • 1 x cyphon feed gun
  • Convection oven, opens from inside and outside clean room

Iron Phosphate

  • 3 Stage degrease pre-treatment for the best powder coat finish
  • Conforms to Def Stan 03-11 Class 1

Iridite NCP

  • Non chromate conversion coating which has been developed in response to RoHS and WEEE directives, as an alternative to Alocrom 1000 & 1200

Bead Blasting

Vacublast Honermaster Suction Venturi Bead blast cabinet

  • Capable of handling components up to 500mm x 300mm


Specialist Masking Department

  • Die Cut masks made to order

Screen Printing

  • 2-pack screen inks for metal, chemically-resistant
  • Vinyl 2-pack screen inks for plastics and polycarbonate overlays
  • Multiple colours printed in full Pantone colour range, available on request
  • We have the facility to screen-print up to 1220mm x 1020mm
  • All screens and artwork manufactured in-house reducing lead times
  • Latest RIP (raster image processer) software for producing artwork in a range of file formats to your own designs/drawings
  • Canon iPF605 large format printer-printing up to 600mm wide
  • 3D hand bench capable of screening items 1220mm x 1020mm x 610mm high
  • Ultraviolet exposure light unit exposing manufactured screens up to 1220mm x 1020mm
  • Small hand bench 610mm x 610mm for prototype/short-run work


  • Assembly of metalwork/plastic mechanical or electrical items
  • PCB installation/assembly 
  • OEM component assembly
  • Electrostatic discharge-compliant (ESD)
  • Diagnostic/software installation of new-build products
  • Custom-build/design work undertaken


NEW ROMER Absolute Arm

  • The 7320 2 metre Romer Arm has six rotational axis designed for highly accurate measurement, CAD to part comparison and reverse engineering. increasing productivity and minimising production downtime.

Sub Contracting Services

  • Prototype and Production Machining
  • Anodising
  • Zinc Plating
  • Galvanising
  • Engraving
  • Heat Treatment
  • Please contact us for more services from our approved supplier base